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It is a story that presents the tragic consequences of a sea wreck this journal pdf free download’s pride. On an ill-fated voyage in winter, he brings his daughter aboard ship for company.

The captain ignores the advice of one of his experienced men, who fears that a hurricane is approaching. When the storm arrives, the captain ties his daughter to the mast to prevent her from being swept overboard. She calls out to her dying father as she hears the surf beating on the shore, then prays to Christ to calm the seas. The poem ends with a prayer that all be spared such a fate “on the reef of Norman’s Woe. Longfellow combined fact and fiction to create this poem. United States for 12 hours starting January 6, 1839, destroying 20 ships with a loss of 40 lives.

All hands were lost, one of which was a woman, who reportedly floated to shore dead but still tied to the mast. It is, however, possible that this detail was taken from a different ship that foundered during the same storm. Norman’s Woe, after which a body like the one in the poem was found, and the real wreck of the Hesperus, which took place near Boston. Despite that fact, the poem is so well known that the loop road leading close to Norman’s Woe from Route 127 is named Hesperus Ave. Then I went to bed, but could not sleep. New thoughts were running in my mind, and I got up to add them to the ballad. It was three by the clock.