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Upon arriving what it is lynda barry pdf Washington D. Diana Prince and begins working for Steve Trevor.

This movie, and the First Season, are set in World War II. This 90-minute made-for-television movie together with the first two hour-long episodes constituted a “mini-season,” but are generally referenced as part of Season 1. Steve is being framed for several incidents of sabotage. The warden’s son Tommy, an avid fan of detective fiction, assists Wonder Woman.

Having discovered the Baroness’ hideout, Wonder Woman is surprised by the Baroness. She hits Wonder Woman in the face with knock-out gas and Wonder Woman faints. Later she recovers and after a struggle brings the Baroness to justice. This episode is based on a plot from a 1942 comic book, in which the warden’s son was fascinated with cowboys, the golden lasso, and vice detective stories.

Baroness von Gunther is one of the series’ few adversaries of Wonder Woman who originated in the comic books. Wonder Woman into a trap. Wonder Woman falls through a false floor where one of Fausta’s gang overpowers her with chloroform causing Wonder Woman to faint. The unconscious Wonder Woman is then kidnapped and taken to Germany for study. Steve launches a mission to rescue her but is captured himself shortly after Wonder Woman orchestrates her own escape. Wonder Woman returns to Germany to rescue Steve and convince Fausta to abandon the Nazi cause.