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This article has multiple issues. The dog watch dogs game guide pdf discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

Guardian breeds will bark to alert their master and to warn off an approaching animal, or human threat, prior to their interception of the trespasser. They are different from the smaller watchdogs in that they do not continue barking, they take action. The human shepherd would in many cases come to the guard dog’s aid with a weapon, not letting the dog fend for itself. This is confirmed by a DNA study done on over 270 purebred dogs.

It suggests that thirteen ancient breeds broke off early on, after which a group of mastiff style dogs were developed. European wolf, has evidence that its population was nearly wiped out 200 years ago and its existing members descended from a very small group of dogs, thus it is a rebuilt breed, but evidently out of somewhat different building blocks. Beverly Pisano writes that the Great Dane, Scottish Deerhound and Borzoi contributed to the resurrected Irish wolfhound. The modern Irish Wolfhound has a more peaceful temperament than its ancestor, the CU, of Ireland. Some Irish Wolfhounds have the power to excel as a guard, but too many of them have been bred to be passive for the show ring. The Belgian shepherd dogs, similar in appearance to the German shepherd, are gaining in popularity with police departments as an extremely quick and agile police dog. The Fila, Dogo and Tosa are banned from the UK and Pitbulls must be microchipped, neutered and muzzled.

The Canary dog or Presa Canario, is considered to be a natural fighting dog and should be carefully watched around other dogs. Some supporters of this breed refer to the Presa Canario as a “blood animal”, meaning that it loves to fight. The Dogo Argentino was custom designed to be a powerful boar and puma hunter, though rarely used in fights. The Fila Brasileiro has a reputation of being a no nonsense guard and suspects almost all non family visitors. The Fila hunts Jaguar and was used in Brazil to run down escaped slaves, when slavery was a legal practice in Brazil. The Fila has a reputation for being very intolerant of guests to the home.