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Williams was intent on a documentary method that differed from both these works, one that would mirror “the resemblance between the mind of modern man and the city. Eliot and Pound yet remain endemically American, free from past influences and older forms. The poem is composed of five books and a fragment of a sixth the use of force william carlos williams pdf. 1946, 1948, 1949, 1951 and 1958, and the entire work collected under one cover in 1963.

A revised edition was released in 1992. This corrected a number of printing and other textual errors in the original, especially discrepancies between prose citations in their original sources and how they appeared in Williams’s poem. By 1937, Williams felt he had enough material to start a large-scale poem on Paterson but realized that the project would take considerable time to complete. Moreover, his then-busy medical practice precluded his attempting such a project at that time.

This did not stop Williams from taking some preliminary steps in the meanwhile. He wrote the poem “Paterson, Episode 17” in 1937 and would recycle it into the major work 10 years later. 87-page sheaf of poems labeled “Detail and Parody for the Poem Paterson. This collection as such was not published.