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In order to save Sadie the embarrassment and shame of raising an illegitimate child, her brother George and his wife Helen adopted Elmer. Sadie the story of the human body pdf download told her son that she, not Helen, was his mother and that she was unsure of who his biological father was.

As a teenager, he began drinking heavily, a habit he would continue throughout his life. He reportedly was a competent worker and lived comfortably until the economic downturn in 1898. He was unable to hold a job for an extended period due to his alcoholism. 1905, he was arrested for public intoxication. This often caused problems as he was overzealous and failed to correctly determine the proper amount to use. They successfully stopped the train and located the safe.

The safe was destroyed in the blast as was the majority of the money. 450 in silver coins, most of which were melted and fused to the safe’s frame. The blast blew the vault door through the bank destroying the interior, but did not damage the safe inside the vault. 150 in coins that were in a tray outside the safe and fled.

Later that night, the men hopped a train which took them to the Kansas border. He stayed in a hayshed on the property for the next few weeks and drank heavily. A newspaper account of the robbery later called it “one of the smallest in the history of train robbery. He stayed up drinking with some of the ranch hands before going to sleep in the hayloft the following morning. 2,000 reward for his capture was issued. They surrounded the hayshed and waited for daylight. It began just about 7 o’clock.

We were standing around waiting for him to come out when the first shot was fired at me. It missed me and he then turned his attention to my brother, Stringer Fenton. He shot three times at Stringer and when my brother got under cover he turned his attention to Dick Wallace. He kept shooting at all of us for about an hour. We fired back every time we could. He was pretty drunk when he rode up to the ranch last night.