The secret rahasya hindi pdf

The secret rahasya hindi pdf article is about 2018 Indian TV series. The show is produced by Aniruddh Pathak and the production company Writer’s Galaxy. It premiered on 20 January 2018.

The show will comprise of 2 seasons, each having 40 episodes. While Prithvi is captured and imprisoned, he falls in love with Tailap’s sister Mrinalvati. The Malvas and Manyakhets have always been enemies and following their treaty, the Malwa king betrayed Manyakhets and killed the royal family, all except Princess Mrinal and her beloved younger brother Tailap, as they somehow escaped. Princess Mrinal loves her brother dearly and is very protective of him. She is skilled in art, music and also using weapons.

She also remembers carrying a real dagger for protection when she was just seven years old. As a result, she also bans music, art, poetry and dance in Manyakhet. She is skilled with all weapons and battle techniques. Tailap however, is not a very strong king and takes Mrinal’s advice on the littlest of matters.