The kite that bridged two nations pdf

This is a featured article. Click the kite that bridged two nations pdf for more information. A man and a woman stand in the foreground, viewing a bridge that spans a river.

The bridge is suspended on lines that are supported by two stone towers on each side of the river. In the far distance is a waterfall. Three bridges spans the river at different points. Trains used the upper of its two decks, pedestrians and carriages the lower.

The brainchild of Canadian politicians, the bridge was built by one American and one Canadian company. Many, including bridge builders, argued that a suspension bridge could not allow the safe passage of trains. By 1854, his bridge was nearly complete, and the lower deck was opened for pedestrian and carriage travel. On March 18, 1855, a fully laden passenger train officially opened the completed bridge. A border crossing between Canada and the United States, the Suspension Bridge played significant roles in the histories of the Niagara region and the two countries. Three railway lines crossed over the bridge, connecting cities on both sides of the border.