The gregg reference manual 11th edition pdf free download

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Unicode recommends using the same code point for both. It was introduced into English in the 16th century in imitation of French practice. However, this was not universally accepted until the mid-19th century. In many cases, both spoken and written forms differ between writers. CD, DVD, NATO, RADAR, etc. These principles are universally accepted.

Some grammars make no distinction in meaning between the two forms. A third alternative is a construction of the form “Jack’s children and Jill’s”, which is always distributive, i. Jack’s children and Jill’s children. This is like an ordinary possessive use. Those things over there are my husband’s.

Those things over there are my husbands’. Those things over there are my husbands. I’m married to those men over there. 16th edition no longer recommends omitting the extra “s”. This punctuation is preferred in major style guides. Guides typically seek a principle that will yield uniformity, even for foreign words that fit awkwardly with standard English punctuation. Place names in the United States do not use the possessive apostrophe on federal maps and signs.