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1974, which followed four years of relentless touring. He had played the venue numerous times before and recorded a live album there in 1961. He played his trumpet sparsely and became less of the focal point for his band, whom he allowed more freedom to improvise and with whom he rarely rehearsed, so that the young musicians he enlisted would be tested to learn and play together onstage. Although he lived only 15 minutes away, Davis arrived at the venue more than an hour late.

Davis immediately began to play, and the band responded by playing a dense rhythm in unison. Miles can do that and have three thousand musicians follow him. So what I learned in that respect from Miles was to be able to watch him and be on his case”. Somehow, he would get you to play in a manner that in most cases you would never do again. Although it was unexpected, Liebman later characterized the move as typical of the trumpeter: “What he was doing—which he often does at big kinda gigs like that—is change the shit up, by doing something totally out.