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After The Selloff, What’s Changed? With valuations stretched and investors straining in ever more creative ways for returns, calm is unlikely to reign for long. Bitcoin’s history has demonstrated the cryptocurrency’s resilience. Long-term investors know they need to weather storms like this periodically in order to enjoy the strong returns that the stock market has generated over time. An aging population and improving macroeconomic conditions is expected to help. Exotix Capital’s Malik Doesn’t See Much Job Creation in U.

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Follow the link for more information. Who Knows You Like We Do? American brand name for undergarments, baby products, gloves, feminine products and sunscreen. Playtex to produce and sell latex products. Playtex was the first to advertise undergarments on national television in 1955 and the first to show a woman wearing only a bra from the waist-up in a commercial in 1977. Playtex invented the plastic tampon applicator in 1973. In 1988, Playtex split into two companies, Playtex Apparel Inc.

1939, making it the first large, non-agricultural business in the city. The Living Girdle was advertised with images of mobility and comfort, such as women playing tennis or leaping while wearing it, though the solid rubber girdle was actually very uncomfortable. The company almost went out of business during the war, so it created an industrial division to find government and military applications for latex. Playtex was founded in 1947 as one of four divisions ILC re-organized into. Playtex’s marketing in the post-war era was influential in creating the shift from custom-tailored undergarments to manufactured sizes.

For example, the company introduced large floor displays with fitting charts, so women could find the right size without a custom fitting. The following year, it was the first to advertise under-garments on network television. Playtex created a consumer products subsidiary, Playtex Products Inc. It introduced and patented the first plastic tampon applicator in 1973. Playtex introduced a scented tampon that was advertised with the slogan, “When you’re wearing a tampon you don’t worry about odor.

By the early 1980s, Playtex controlled 25 percent of the market for bras, giving it the largest market-share in the industry. In 1982, Playtex acquired the skin and hair products brand, Jhirmack Enterprises Inc. Playtex was the first to advertise with a live model wearing only a bra from the waist up. The transactions allowed Smilow to buy out other Playtex shareholders and put ownership of the brand into two separate investment groups that were owned by Smilow and other Playtex executives. In 1995, another 40 percent of Playtex Products Inc. The two companies had divided the market almost evenly by the late 1990s.