Strategies in the design of antiviral drugs pdf

CRISPR-Cas9 can inhibit HIV replication. CRISPR-Cas9 can permanently inactivate latent HIV. Novel Strategies in the design of antiviral drugs pdf-Cas based gene therapy strategies against HIV are feasible. This CRISPR-Cas system has been turned into an effective tool for editing of eukaryotic DNA genomes.

DNA intermediate can also be targeted with this DNA editing tool. These other characteristics are often difficult to predict with rational design techniques. Potential drug targets are not necessarily disease causing but must by definition be disease modifying. In order for a biomolecule to be selected as a drug target, two essential pieces of information are required.

The first is evidence that modulation of the target will be disease modifying. This knowledge may come from, for example, disease linkage studies that show an association between mutations in the biological target and certain disease states. This means that it is capable of binding to a small molecule and that its activity can be modulated by the small molecule. In addition, the three-dimensional structure of the target may be determined. The search for small molecules that bind to the target is begun by screening libraries of potential drug compounds. Several methods for predicting drug metabolism have also been proposed in the scientific literature.