Stories from a ming collection pdf

Unlike the open name “Luther Blissett”, “Wu Ming” stands for a defined group of writers active in literature and popular culture. The band authored several novels, some of which have been translated in many countries. The picture that Wu Ming used as an “official portrait” from 2001 stories from a ming collection pdf 2008, when the quintet became a quartet.

As of 14 January 2009, the image is completely absent from the group’s official website. The members of Wu Ming are typically known as “Wu Ming 1”, “Wu Ming 2”, “Wu Ming 3”, “Wu Ming 4”, and “Wu Ming 5”. However, they refuse to be photographed or filmed by the media. Even on their official website, they do not provide any pictures of themselves. Once the writer becomes a face it’s a cannibalistic jumble: that face appears everywhere, almost always out of context. A photo paralyses me, it freezes my life into an instant, it negates my ability to transform into something else. I become a “character”, a stopgap to hurriedly fill a page layout, an instrument that amplifies banality.

The dates and places vary, but the core of all versions stays the same. We don’t go on TV either. Begun in May 1999, during the Nato bombings of Belgrade. Delivered to the Italian publishers on September 21, 2001, awaiting the escalation”. Italy in the springtime of 2002. And you may even die.