Sri suktam in hindi english pdf

Sri suktam in hindi english pdf you for visiting our pages. I am a brahmin by birth and blessed to got married to a Sri Vishnavite so would like to learn more about our culture.

Your rendition of the krishnashtakam was very good. I was looking for it to help my daughter in a Sanksrit recitation competition in school. Thank you many times for all the effort. Swamin – Devareer Kainkaryam uncomparable. I have a small request.

I am very much intrested to have some knowlede in our vedas. Excellent service to the aasthika community. I like to follow your block. Can you please load it. Jay Sreeman Narayana Narasimha !

It’s a fantastic inputs you are giving to us and the result is enormous for us. MP3 Version for Bhaja Govindam. During the pranayamam before Ashtaakshara japam how many times should we chant the ashtaakshara mantram ? Your great works area ll much appreciated. This is one,of the best sites. Iam interested in Sri Vasudeva Punyahavachanam in Telugu . Can you help me to provide with practicals.

One of the Very Good Website to learn Slokas. I have learnt Hanumanchalisa and learning Kanakadhara Stotram and Aditya Hirudayam. It is very easy to Learn, since Audio and PDF is available. I will run the Audio and parellely see the PDF.

We are so blessed to visit this website! We are so grateful to you ever! Pallandu Pallandu to your Kainkaryam and those involved in creating and maintaining and following this website! Thanks for this majestic work.

If it is possible, kindly post the tamil document of Muthuswami Dikshithar’s “Hiranmayeem Lakshmim” song. I am looking for a guru to teach me the slogas which is listed in this site prapatti. One of the best website where we can get lot of information about our religious work. Now a daily ritual listening to my favourite chants. Aug 7th and Gayatri Japam on Aug 8th, 2017 for US? Your document was highly useful last year.

Om namo venkatesaya,Pranams to to the bhagavatha jana who are taking great pains to give information regarding lord Srimannarayana. I am indebited to you all for permitting me to share this Amrutam and bliss. I Am A Regular Visitor And Have Taken Some Printouts For Daily Reading. You All Are Indirect Benefices Of Whatever Fruits Are Accumulated. Glad To See A Benevolent Vaishnavas.

Kindly provide audio for Sankshepa Ramayanam. Request for Laghu Aaradhana in Tamil text. Very grateful to the admin for this. May Sriman Narayana’s choicest blessings be on you for this noble work. Few files cant able to take printouts properly we are requesting you to provide download option for all the stotram in PDF format.

Namaskarams, I would to know the sree varadarajar kattiyam lyrics in Tamil. Namaskaram, This is very useful site. Thanks for the creator of this website. I would to know where can i find a mp3 of Yadavabyudayam. Can anyone guide me pls? Emperumanin Arul pravahathai Devaririn Bhakti Samrajya Padithuraiyil irundu anvayikkirom. It is an excellant site.

The world of treasure is available for the mankind. Pranams to Sri Sunder Kidambi. Slokas given are very useful . Excellent help you did to many human lifes.