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This article has multiple issues. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Before the events of the series, Zuko is exiled from the Fire Nation by his father and told he must capture the Avatar to restore his honor and right to the throne. Over time, Zuko sympathizes with oppressed peoples, and joins the Sozin’s comet the final battle pdf to restore peace.

Zuko has two well known great-grandfathers: on his father’s side, Fire Lord Sozin, who started the hundred-year-war, and on his mother’s side Avatar Roku, the Avatar preceding Aang. The art of controlling and manipulating an element is called “bending” within the narrative. A few years before the events of the series, Fire Prince Zuko voiced opposition to a general’s suggestion that the Fire Nation soldiers be sacrificed in their nation’s battle with the Earth Kingdom. Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko’s father, ordered Zuko to submit to an Agni Kai, a ritual duel fought with fire bending, to teach him respect. Zuko accepted the challenge believing that he would fight the general who proposed the plan, but instead he faced Ozai. When Zuko refused to fight his father, the Fire Lord scarred him over his left eye and sent him into exile.

Zuko’s uncle, the decorated general Iroh, decided to join him as a companion and tutor. Zuko is a handsome young man with pale skin, golden eyes, and black hair. The majority of the left side of his face is taken up by a distinctive scar he received from a disastrous Agni Kai against his father Ozai. In Book One, Zuko has a shaved head with a ponytail. In Book Two, he cuts off his ponytail in the season premiere and allows his hair to grow back.

He obtains a topknot in Book Three, but is usually seen without it outside the royal palace. Zuko has a muscular physique in Book One but becomes thinner as the series progresses before regaining weight in Book Three. Zuko sports a lengthy beard and long white hair, much like his Avatar great-grandfather Roku. Teenager while Elijah Runcorn voices him as a child and Dev Patel in the video game adaptation of the movie.

Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, now in his 80’s. Due to his banishment, he is hot-tempered, impatient and at times also depressive. He is shown to be caring and thoughtful, though his judgement was heavily clouded by his jealousy towards Azula. He has a close bond with his mother Ursa and his Uncle Iroh.

He strives to regain honor and attention in his father’s eyes by trying to capture the Avatar in his name. But after returning to the Fire Nation from his years of banishment, he realized his father’s ill feelings towards him couldn’t be fixed even by capturing the Avatar. Zuko decided that trying to regain honour, as a substitute for love, was worthless and a waste of time. He displayed aggression towards Aang when training him in fire-bending, because of the fact that it was imperitive Aang learn it before Sozin’s Comet arrived at the end of the summer, though he was still being caring. He is shown to have a sarcastic side on several occasions.

I don’t have that luxury! Throughout the season he is hot on the Avatar’s trail, at times both helped and hindered by Iroh. Zuko competes in his quest against Zhao, an ambitious Fire Nation admiral. Zuko rescues Aang from Zhao’s fortress to prevent Zhao from accomplishing his goal. Zhao arranges an assassination plot against Zuko, but Zuko escapes with Iroh’s help. During the invasion of the Northern Water Tribe, Zuko captures Aang, but both are nearly killed in a snowstorm.