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Red hand grenade with a white handle and a black safety pin on a black background. The word “Grenade” is in lowercase red font beneath the words “Bruno Mars” in white capital font to the upper right. The song’s lyrics carry a message of unrequited love and how Mars’ heart was broken, despite his best efforts to show her his love. 2011 with sales of 10.

The song has been covered by a variety of performers. Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, and Andrew Wyatt. Mars, including one which lyrics were similar to the ones in “Grenade”. Blanco added that the band to which the song belonged was not signed, and that the CD was not released. Mars replied “I can relate to that so much, I want to take that and make it my own”. Mars confessed that the song was inspired by “his love for a girl who did not love him back”. He admitted to be “a bit of a drama queen in that song” and that the track was therapeutic to him.

Afterwards, Blanco contact the dude, and Mars started writing his version. It’s a heartbreaking, heartbreak song, and I think everyone can relate to that. You’re so in love with this woman and you don’t understand, ‘What am I doing wrong? What am I not giving to you? I’ll go as far as putting a bullet in my brain for you, and why can’t I get that kind of love in return? In the same interview, the singer expressed desire to release the song as a single, claiming it was a “personal favorite”. Europe to promote the song, “Grenade”.

Later, on January 10, 2011, the track on was released via digital download in the United Kingdom. Martin Danielle Classic Mix of “Just the Way You Are” and the single “Grenade”. The original version of “Grenade” had an “uptempo 1960’s surf-style sound with jangle pop” and before a live show in New York, Mars “slowed and stripped it down”. The reworked song was the last track added to the album. According to Mars, the record was much happier.

Mars ended up by playing the song live in showcase for the label and to several booking agents in a slower tempo. The singer and his bandmates rehearsed a lot to that show, yet “Grenade” “sounded terrible”. Mars decided to do a “stripped down” version by playing the guitar, while Brody Brown played the piano. The single received praise from the label. The song was reproduced in the way you hear it. Levine, added “There was quite a bit of deadline stress involved in that. Despite the time that Grenade took to produce, the writing was among the most difficult songs in album since it took several months to complete.

Later, on April 21, 2012, the team said that the last line of the song was the conflict, since it took two months for them to come up with “but you won’t do the same”. He’s an incredible musician who has a great feel and he can play everything. Grenade” was recorded at Larrabee Recording Studios and Levcon Studios in Los Angeles, with Ari Levine, Bruno Mars and Brody Brown playing all the instruments on the track and recording them. Levine was also responsible for engineering the song at Levcon Studios in California. Christian Plata and Erik Madrid serving as the assistants. Grenade”, where Mars sings what he would do for the girl he loves.