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This article is about the British form of theatre and the venues associated shadow dancing sheet music pdf it. The Eagle Tavern in 1830.

The Oxford Music Hall, c. 1850 and lasting until 1960. The term is derived from a type of theatre or venue in which such entertainment took place. 1830s, music hall entertainment became increasingly popular with audiences, so much so, that during the 1850s, some public houses were demolished and specialised music hall theatres developed in their place. These theatres were designed chiefly so people could consume food and alcohol and smoke tobacco in the auditorium while the entertainment took place. This differed somewhat from the conventional type of theatre, which until then seated the audience in stalls with a separate bar-room.

By the mid-19th century, the halls cried out for many new and catchy songs. Music hall did not adopt its own unique style. Music halls in London were the scene of important industrial conflict in 1907 with a dispute between artists and stage hands on the one hand and theatre managers on the other, which ended in a strike. The halls had recovered by the start of the First World War and were used to stage charity events in aid of the war effort. Music hall entertainment continued after the war, but became less popular due to upcoming jazz, swing, and big-band dance music acts. Licensing restrictions had also changed, and drinking was banned from the auditorium.