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From its use among people, it came to be applied to gods. These forms in turn derive from the vowel-less Northwest Semitic form BʿL. In such contexts, it follows the anglicized pronunciation and usually omits any mark between its two As. They also appear in some contexts concerning seasonal rites of baal and astarte pdf ownership of things or possession of traits.

Anxiety about the availability of water for crops and trees increased the importance of his cult, which focused attention on his role as a rain god. The Baʿal of Ugarit was the epithet of Hadad but as the time passed, the epithet became the god’s name while Hadad became the epithet. Ugaritic texts, as it symbolized both strength and fertility. He was described with diverse epithets and, prior to the rediscovery of Ugarit, it was supposed that these referred to distinct local gods. The epithet Hammon is obscure. Elijah’s altar to ashes, even after it had been soaked with water. Yahweh’s mastery over the weather.

However, according to others it is not certain that the name Baal was definitely applied to Yahweh in early Israelite history. The component Baal in proper names is mostly applied to worshippers of Baal, or descendants of the worshippers of Baal. Cannanite god Ba’al, or are intended to equate Yahweh with Ba’al, or have no connection to Ba’al. Gideon’s name Jerubaʿal was mentioned intact but glossed as a mockery of the Canaanite god, implying that he strove in vain. Kelle has suggested that references to cultic sexual practices in the worship of Baal, in Hosea 2, are evidence of an historical situation in which Israelites were either giving up Yahweh worship for Baal, or blending the two.

Hosea’s references to sexual acts being metaphors for Israelite “apostasy”. House of Baʿal Berith” to assist in killing his 70 brothers from Gideon’s other wives. Baʿal Zebub as to whether he would survive the injuries from his recent fall. Lord of the Home” or “Lord of the Heavens”. He was probably never equated with Melqart, although this assertion appears in older scholarship. Satan, stating that, though their heavenly names had been “blotted out and ras’d”, they would acquire new ones “wandring ore the Earth” as false gods.