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Torrentz will always love you. October 3, 1977, two months after Presley’s death. It was agreed that CBS would videotape concerts during the summer of 1977. The final special was culled from footage from two performances on June 19, 1977, in Omaha, and June 21, 1977, in Rapid City, although much of the footage from Omaha was considered unusable due to same drugs piano sheet music pdf and performance problems.

This concert has been heavily edited and bootlegs have appeared on auction web sites over the years. The show was shot on NTSC videotape although many film conversions have appeared over the years. During the special, Presley performs a number of songs spanning his career. Elvis live in concert, then it switches back to Elvis after the recitation was finished.

However, a strong case is made in Darrin Memmer’s book “Elvis Presley – The 1977 CBS Television Special,” published in 2001 by Morris Publishing, that Elvis regularly played around with the words during the recitation of the song when performing it onstage, rather than it being a case of poor memory. Indeed, a concert recording of Presley similarly joking around during the recitation of “Are You Lonesome Tonight? 1969 has been issued by RCA on numerous occasions. 1970s without having to refer to a lyric sheet. Presley had forgotten the lyrics to “Moody Blue” when attempting to perform it in North Carolina on Feb. Presley performed Moody Blue once again for the first and last time live and complete.

CBS officials considered postponing broadcast of the special in hopes of obtaining better performance footage of Presley, but his death in August 1977 cancelled this plan. Carr and Farren condemned it as a “travesty”, adding, “Had it been shown during his lifetime, it would have caused more irrevocable damage to what was left of his career than almost a decade of starring in third-rate movies. The special actually contains two messages by Elvis’ father: one taped in a hotel room during the tour in June when Elvis was still alive, and the other taped in the back office of Graceland shortly after his death, where Vernon thanks the many people who sent letters and cards after Elvis’ death. It was the highest rated prime time program of the week upon its airing, with a 33. 0 Nielsen rating representing 24. Elvis was visibly “far from his best in the way he looked and the way he performed. The album augments the televised performances with a second album of additional recordings made during the Omaha and Rapid City concerts.

The concert soundtrack album was released in October 1977 and peaked on the chart in November 1977. 5 on the Billboard album charts. Vernon Presley’s comment during “Can’t Help Falling in Love. CBS’ “Elvis in Concert,” taped highlights of two of Elvis Presley’s last live shows, was the week’s most watched program. Broadcast on the night of Oct. 3, it was seen in an estimated 24.

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