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Please forward this error screen to rs agarwal english book pdf download. Upstream of the Bhima Dam and reservoir. 400 million and when completed in June 1980 the cost incurred was of the order of Rs 3295.

The reservoir created by the 56. Bhima River has a gross storage capacity of 3. The annual utilization is 2. The project provides multipurpose benefits of irrigation, hydroelectric power, drinking and industrial water supply and fisheries development.

Water supplied from the reservoir to irrigate agricultural areas primarily aims to reduce incidence of famines and scarcity during drought conditions. As a result of irrigation facilities, some of the important crops grown under irrigated conditions are sugarcane, wheat, millet and cotton. Raichur in Raichur district in Karnataka . Ujjani Reservoir created by the Ujjani Dam. The Upper Bhima River basin is subdivided into three zones namely northern, middle and southern, the main stem of the river is in the middle zone where the Bhima Dam is built, while the southern zone is dominated by five reservoirs. The basin above the dam has intense rural, agricultural, urban and industrial activities.