Raspberry pi gpio python tutorial pdf

In my house, you can often hear someone shouting “Is the Internet down? Sometimes it is but most of the time it’s raspberry pi gpio python tutorial pdf “user problem”. I decided to build a gizmo that would make it easy to tell whether the internet connection was working or not.

A Raspberry Pi periodically issues Linux ping commands to a set of web sites and based on the results will illuminate different color lamps in an industrial tower lamp mounted on a laser cut case. Raspberry Pi when pressed, a barrier strip for connecting the circuit board to the tower lamp, and some jacks for connecting power as shown in the “Internet Monitor Wiring Diagram”. The circuit for controlling the lamps uses opto-couplers connected in between the Raspberry PI’s GPIO pins and the tower lamp. This is needed because the tower lamps require more voltage and current than the Raspberry Pi can deliver.

The simple circuit used is shown in the “Internet Monitor Tower Light Controller Schematic”. Raspberry Pi breadboard printed circuit board as shown in the “Internet Monitor Circuit Board Layout” diagram. 1 Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Reversible USB 2. 1 DC Power Jack 2.

Radio Shack 64-3031 or Jameco Part no. 1 12 Volt 1 Amp Power Supply with Center Positive 2. All of the case parts can be cut out from one 16″ x 16″ sheet of plywood. The design is shown in the first diagram. I used the color mapping capability of the Laser cutter to specify the settings for cutting and engraving. The setting used are shown in the right hand side of the “Color Mapping” screen capture. The burn marks left by the laser can be removed with a gentle sanding using 120 grit sandpaper.