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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This article is about the TV show. Purchase nitro pdf pro 6 4, 1995 to March 26, 2001, when WCW’s assets were purchased by the WWF.

WWF and WCW that lasted for almost six years and saw each company resort to cutthroat tactics to try to compete with the competition. WCW was never able to regain the success it once had. WCW after having spent the previous two plus years wrestling for the WWF, where he had been one of the promotion’s top stars. Luger signed with WCW the morning of his appearance. September 11 edition, but was replaced by Lex Luger, who issued a challenge to Hogan on the debut show.

WWF career in January 1996. At its peak, the rivalry resulted in performers on either show trading verbal insults and challenges. Bischoff was declared the winner via countout. Although later Vince said he had already had prior engagements that had to be fulfilled or he would have come and showed Eric what he was made of. WCW’s extensive roster of stars. 1 wrestling program in the country.

WWF program so fans had no point to see the competition. January 26, 1998 edition, unprecedented for a live, weekly wrestling program. Hogan match for an eventual pay-per-view event. WCW had given away free tickets on the day of the program. Bischoff and WCW officials attempted to use a series of “quick fixes” to regain ground in the ratings war. All these attempts would win them short-term ratings victories, but the WWF continued its steady climb to ratings dominance. WWF and immediately started a feud with The Rock, when months earlier he had been told he was too small to sell tickets in WCW.