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It reached Proof of heaven book pdf 17 on the Billboard Country album chart. Four singles were released and all peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Country Singles chart — “Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine”, “I Must Have Done Something Bad”, “My Own Kind Of Hat” and “Red Bandana”. 2013, Haggard biographer David Cantwell calls the LP “a revelation.

The album is probably best remembered for its opener “Footlights,” a mid-career rumination on the loneliness of a touring musician’s life. Things that you’ve enjoyed for years don’t seem nearly as important, and you’re at war with yourself as to what’s happening. Why don’t I like that anymore? Why do I like this now?

Haggard confessing, “You have to go out and smile when you don’t feel like smiling, somebody points a camera at you, and you put on that old Instamatic grin. Which is part of the profession, I guess. But sometimes part of the profession makes you feel like a prostitute. That’s what that song is about.