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Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not please seat yourself thank you pdf robot. SEAT ALHAMBRA OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Seat Alhambra owner’s manual online.

Alhambra Automobile pdf manual download. COMPLIMENTS BIG_KEV Foreword This owner’s manual and the corresponding supplements should be read carefully to familiarise yourself with your vehicle. Also, the regular care and maintenance and correct handling of the vehicle will contribute to preserve its value. For safety reasons, note the information concerning accessories, modifications and parts exchange. If selling the vehicle, give all of the onboard documentation to the new owner as this should be kept with the vehicle.

Contents Accessories, parts replacement and Technical Data modifications Checking fluid levels . The entire manual is divided into five large parts which are: 1. Safety First Information on the vehicle equipment relating to passive safety such as seat belts, airbags, seats, etc. Make sure that no objects can interfere with the pedals.

When travelling long distances, take breaks regularly – at least size. If possible, avoid driving when you are tired or are under pres- sure of time. WARNING When driving safety is impaired during a trip, the risk of injury and acci- dents increases. Ensure that you can reach the highest point of the steering wheel. Adjusting the front passenger’s seat.

Use an appropriate child restraint system when you take children rect sitting position exposes you to an increased risk of injury in the event in the vehicle. Seat belts can only provide optimal protection when backrests are in an upright position and the passengers are wearing their seat belts properly. If passengers on the rear seat are not sitting in an upright position, the risk of injury due to incorrect positioning of the belt web increases. Incorrect sitting positions substantially Sitting in an incorrect position exposes the occupants to severe injuries reduce the protective function of seat belts and increase the risk of if airbags deploy, striking an occupant who has assumed an incorrect injury due to incorrect belt web position.

Safe driving Pedal area Floor mats on the driver side Only floor mats may be used which can be securely fastened Pedals in the foot well and do not impair operation of the pedals. Distribute the load evenly in the luggage compartment. Safe driving The retainers for the detachable seat belts for the third row of seats and the floor anchorings for the seats can be used as fastening rings for items of luggage. During a collision or an accident, even small and light objects can build up so much energy that they can cause very severe injuries. Never transport more people than there are seats available in the If the seat belts are worn incorrectly or not at all, the risk of severe inju- vehicle. Every occupant in the vehicle must properly fasten and wear the seat Properly worn seat belts can reduce severe injuries in the event of belt belonging to his or her seat. Instruct your passengers to fasten their seat belts properly before driving off.

Protect children by using child seats of the correct height for the age of the child. The warning lamp in the combi-instrument lights up if the driver seat belt is not fastened when the ignition is switched on. It is also important for the rear passengers to wear seat belts properly, as they could otherwise be thrown forward violently in an accident. If the seat belts are worn incorrectly or not at all, the risk of severe inju- Our examples describe frontal collisions. Of course, properly worn seat belts ries increases. The optimal protection from seat belts can be achieved only reduce substantially the risk of injury in all other types of accidents.