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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. This article is about the original Volkswagen Beetle. 1938 to finalise the design. As Autobahn speeds increased in the postwar years, its output was boosted to 36, then 40 hp, the configuration that lasted through 1966 and became the “classic” Volkswagen motor.

6 percent of continental Western Europe’s car production in 1946 to 26. European small-car market, a trend that would come to dominate that market. Nazism, and existed since mass-produced cars came around. 1930 — by the early 1930s, the German auto industry was still mostly limited to luxury models, and the average German could rarely afford anything more than a motorcycle. As a result, only one German out of 50 owned a car. Everything had to be designed to ensure parts could be quickly and inexpensively exchanged.

Hitler explained, not every country doctor had his own garage. In general, radiators filled with water would freeze unless the vehicle was kept in a heated building overnight or drained and refilled each morning. In 1932, three prototypes were running. The Type 32 was similar in design to the Type 12, but it had a flat-four engine. NSU’s exit from car manufacturing resulted in the Type 32 being abandoned at the prototype stage. V1 being a sedan and the V2 a convertible, were ready.

Included in this batch was a rollback soft top called the Cabrio Limousine. The car was designed to be as simple as possible mechanically. The Beetle is nearly airtight and will briefly float. 1938 for the benefit of the workers at the newly built factory. Volkswagen had only just started small scale production, building about 210 Beetles, before civilian production was halted at the start of the war. Except for two military prototype units, these KdF sedans were allocated to military officers as personal cars.

Hitler was given the very first convertible Beetle built in 1938. Both 704cc and 984cc air-cooled engines were fitted in these early units. Pictures like these have led to years of rumours that Beetles served with the Afrika Corps further perpetuated by a Model Kit box. No beetle served in North Africa. 82E was in fact used only after the war by serving English Army Officers and staff of the re-opened factory.

1941 to 1944, as the Typ 60. 1944, when all production was halted because of heavy damage to the factory from Allied air raids. Much of the essential equipment had already been moved to underground bunkers for protection, which let production resume quickly after hostilities ended. German war potential by complete or partial pastoralization. Germany was to be allowed to retain were set out. To build the car commercially would be a completely uneconomic enterprise.