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Some flights were restarted on a discontinuous basis in November that year. 1964 as a domestic airline within Rhodesia. The parent directory chop 2 pdf carrier continued its operations under the Affretair brand. Sydney route offered using Qantas Boeing 747SP aircraft was flown in association with Air Zimbabwe.

A foreign exchange crisis in the country led to the cancellation of the carrier’s operations in late 2005, following the lack of hard currency to pay for the fuel. In 2006, it was disclosed that passenger numbers had fallen from 1 million in 1999 to 23,000 in 2005. IATA’s international financial and booking system over unpaid booking fees. Air Zimbabwe would be grounded indefinitely. Air Zimbabwe has been loss-making for many years, with irregular services.

Although the airline is government owned, full annual reports have not been published, indeed audited accounts were last presented in 2008. London-Gatwick route effective 1 April 2011. Air Zimbabwe had become one of the most lucrative routes for Air Zimbabwe since the British carrier discontinued the service in 2007. Owing both to the grounding of the 737-200 fleet and to fuel shortages in the country, domestic services were suspended and regional flights were operated on an irregular basis. CAAZ to operate one of its three grounded 737-200. September after a 50-day-long strike. Terminated destinations are also shown.

The aircraft wears the carrier’s latest eurowhite livery in 2011. Viscounts 810s from Dan Air. 1995 but proved unsuitable to the hot and high conditions and were returned to the lessor. The BAe 146 had been subsequently grounded. China, which were later supplemented by a third donated example in 2006, to operate domestic and short regional routes. Air Rhodesia was renamed Air Zimbabwe in 1980.