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Unsourced material pa native plants species pollinators pdf be challenged and removed. Many species are widely cultivated for their ornamental leaves, flowers and fruit. Native species of elderberry are often planted by people wishing to support native butterfly and bird species.

There is insufficient research to know its effectiveness for such uses or its safety profile. People throughout much of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe use a similar method to make a syrup which is diluted with water and used as a drink or as a flavoring in several food products. Fruit pies and relishes are produced with berries. The last stage of fermentation is done in a closed pressure proof bottle to produce a fizzy drink.

The beverage has also inspired Coca-Cola to launch an elderflower-based drink, Fanta Shokata. American liqueur with faux-French branding, is made from elderflowers. It also contains elderflower extracts with which it is flavored to add a floral note, to smooth and round off the strong licorice flavor. However, all twenty-five recovered quickly, including one individual who was hospitalized after drinking five glasses. While some preliminary research indicates that elderberry may relieve flu symptoms, the evidence is not strong enough to support its use for this purpose. The crushed foliage and immature fruit have a strong fetid smell. California are very often found around red or blue elderberry bushes.