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Five years after its 1980 debut the show had a nightly audience of some seven and a half million viewers. His audience was made up of people who appreciated the “plain speaking, articulateness, and topical urgency” his late-night interviews with politicians and celebrities presented. In Germany, Koppel’s father had operated a tire manufacturing company. Koppel was born in 1940, shortly after his father on the run alice goffman pdf taken away.

For income, his mother sold her personal jewelry and did menial work in London to provide for her infant son. When his father was released he was still not permitted to work in England, nor would he allow his wife to work. In the years after the war ended, they gained some money from their confiscated assets and decided to leave for the U. Alice, became a singer and pianist, and his father, Edwin, opened a tire factory.

Koppel says “they came here because they believed the opportunities for me would be better in America. His roommate recalls that Koppel “was incredibly focused and had a photographic memory. He remembers almost every conversation he ever had with anybody. And the man never needs sleep. Koppel as the diplomatic correspondent for ABC News, 1976. He was scheduled to do a short report, but a delay during the crisis forced him to ad-lib for an hour and a half.

In 1964 he covered his first of many presidential nominating conventions. ABC officials were impressed by Koppel’s ability to clarify issues using plain language. He accepted the assignment only after the network agreed to send his wife and their two children to Hong Kong so they could be nearby. Before going he took a course to learn the Vietnamese language. Koppel’s friendship with Kissinger was partly due to their similar backgrounds, as they both had Jewish parents who were refugees from Hitler, and both emigrated to America in their youth. Koppel was among those traveling to China with U. He spoke about this with the USC U.