New boy scout handbook pdf first class

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The Scout badge is awarded when the Scout demonstrates a rudimentary knowledge of the Scouting ideals and program. Scoutmaster conference and pass a Board of Review. Merit badges and rank may be earned by any registered Boy Scout or Varsity Scout until their eighteenth birthday. Venturers and Sea Scouts who earned First Class as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may continue to work towards Eagle Scout in their crew or ship until age eighteen. As the last requirement for each rank, the Scout must go through the Scoutmaster’s conference and then a board of review. The Scoutmaster conference is a meeting between the Scoutmaster or the Coach and the Scout, and is a requirement for each rank. The Scoutmaster or Coach reviews the Scout’s progress and ensures all requirements have been met.

The Scoutmaster or Coach will also discuss the next steps in advancement and encourages the Scout to advance. The board of review is a group of three to six members of the troop or team committee and is the final approval process for Scout rank advancement. The board reviews the Scout to ensure all requirements are met and attempts to determine the Scout’s attitude and his acceptance of Scouting’s ideals and their application. The board also solicits the Scout’s opinions on the troop or team program and on youth and adult leadership.

The Eagle Scout board of review is convened by the council or district. Members are selected by council policy and may include troop or team committee members, district or council Eagle representatives or community members with an understanding of the Eagle board. There must be at least one district or council Eagle representative. Scouts must attain the requirements for this rank prior to their 18th birthday, though the board of review itself can be done after the 18th birthday.