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In Faerûn, surface elves call themselves Tel-Quessir which means “The People” in the elven language. In 4th edition, most of the elven subraces were classified as drow, eladrin or elves. The history of the elven race is marked by great empires and a gradual decline and retreat from the mainland Faerûn. Faerie more than twenty-five millennia ago. The first wave of elves to arrive were the green elves, lythari, and avariel. The second wave included the dark elves, who arrived in the jungles of southern Faerûn, and the sun and moon elves, who arrived in the north.

Not long after, the aquatic elves arrived in the Great Sea. After the second wave of elven immigrants arrived, the Time of Dragons ended and the period known as the First Flowering of the Fair Folk began. The elves settled into five major civilizations along the west and south of Faerûn during this period. All of these realms were gradually destroyed as a result of the Crown Wars, which made way for other elven realms. Their once expansive realms have shrunk back in territory and prestige due to the influence and expansion of the younger races, particularly humans. Faerûn is influenced by conflict between the various subraces of the elves.