Much ado about nothing test pdf

Much ado about nothing much ado about nothing test pdf poster. The film was released on May 7, 1993, reaching 200 U. Accompanying Don Pedro is the witty Benedick, former lover of Leonato’s equally sharp-tongued niece, Beatrice. Don John who, despite his rebellion, has apparently reconciled with his brother.

Claudio has been thinking of Leonato’s beautiful daughter Hero since before he went to war, and returns to find her as attractive as ever. Don Pedro, learning of his friend’s feelings, decides to act on his behalf and arranges the match at a party. Needing something to pass the time until the wedding, Don Pedro decides to arrange a similar fate for Beatrice and Benedick, whose animosity for each other is clear. Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio stage a conversation containing a false account of how much Beatrice loves Benedick, all the while knowing Benedick to be hiding within earshot. Ursula play the same trick upon Beatrice.

Each of them believes the story they hear about the other. In the midst of all of this good-natured scheming, Don John has been searching for ways to stop the marriage between Claudio and Hero. The night before the wedding, Don John’s servant Borachio arranges a steamy liaison with Hero’s gentlewoman Margaret at Hero’s chamber window. Don John shows Don Pedro and Claudio this, and they believe that they are seeing Hero in the act of infidelity. The three hapless watchmen happen to hear Borachio bragging to his colleague Conrade about how he and Don John had succeeded in stopping the wedding. The watchmen apprehend Borachio and Conrade, and, in the morning, Dogberry attempts to have Leonato interrogate the prisoners.

However, a hurried Leonato is unable to decipher what the bumbling Dogberry is trying to tell him. Amidst the confusion, Don John quietly flees. At the wedding, Claudio publicly disgraces his would-be bride and storms away, along with most of the guests, except for Ursula, the Friar, Leonato, Beatrice, Antonio, and Benedick. They all agree to the Friar’s plan to publish the tale that Hero, upon the grief of Claudio’s accusations, suddenly died. Beatrice and Benedick linger a moment and eventually confess their love to one another. With a heavy heart, he agrees to challenge his friend. Meanwhile, Borachio and Conrade are interrogated by Dogberry and his men.

Despite Dogberry’s incompetence, the truth of Don John’s sinister machinations is revealed. Moments after Benedick’s challenge to Claudio, Leonato is made aware of what really happened. Leonato continues to pretend to Claudio that Hero is dead. Claudio entreats Leonato to impose whatever vengeance he sees fit for Claudio’s part in Hero’s disgrace and death. Leonato forgives Claudio on the condition that he publicly declare his wrongdoing and then marry Hero’s cousin the next morning.