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US Army 1st BN-506th INF Reg Oval. US Army 2nd BN-506th Memoirs of an infantry officer pdf Reg Oval.

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division. Paratroopers in training ran from Camp Toccoa up Currahee Mountain and back, memorialized in the HBO series, Band of Brothers, with the shout “three miles up, three miles down! Stand Alone”, also became the unit’s motto. As such, the 506th was sometimes referred to as the “Five-Oh-Sink”. This march was conducted over 75 hours and 15 minutes, with 33. 5 hours being used for marching.

Only 12 out of 556 enlisted men of the 2nd Battalion failed to complete the march. The parachute drop was in daylight resulting in well targeted and controlled drops into the designated drop zones. The 101st captured all but one bridge, the one at Son which was destroyed with explosives by the German defenders as the airborne units approached the bridge. XXX Corps then continued its advance into the 82nd Airborne area of operations where it was halted just shy of Arnhem due to German counterattacks along the length of the deep penetration. The 101st Airborne continued to support XXX Corps advance during the remainder of Operation Market Garden with several running battles over the next several days.