Mcat 2015 prep books pdf

Since a couple of people have asked if I would do a wrap-up post, I decided I would! I applied to 24 MD schools with a 3. I submitted mcat 2015 prep books pdf AMCAS application the very first day, and all of my secondaries were submitted by the first week of August. I was fortunate enough to get early interviews in September, so I did not really have the long wait that awaits many people during the application cycle.

I am excited to start the next four years of my life, and I wish everyone reading this the best of luck! For those of you reading from BC, or thinking about coming to BC, I’ll offer a bit of a reflection on the premed track here. It’s hard to get very good grades in premed classes at BC, because there is a significant amount of grade deflation. But while it may be harder than a lower ranked school or your state school, I feel that BC has prepared me, and the others I know who got into medical school, to face the rigors of medical school.

Every professor I had was willing to work with me, and I took advantage of every opportunity I was given by professors. Freshman year our general chemistry professor offered office hours where he would give us problems very similar to the weekly quiz and then after we did them he would go through the problems and discuss our approach to solving them. You would think out of a class of 200 that the room would be packed. There were only 3 of us there every single week, and so the professor got to know me and worked with me on my problem solving skills.

Where I ran into trouble at BC was with the advising. I had heard horror stories from classmates about going into the advising office as a freshman, and being told because of their first semester GPA they had no chance at medical school and they should just give up. After hearing that, I never went into their office for advising. GPA is low, worry about improving your study habits and figuring out why you aren’t doing as well as you can.

Everyone who is accepted to BC has the potential to do well in all of their classes. Medical schools see an upward trend and many people get accepted who did poorly their freshman year. It is a time of adjustments and for some people it is a struggle that they figure out a semester or a year later. Post-Bacc, which help medical school see you can handle the workload. I was a member of.