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Incarceration numbers include sentenced and unsentenced inmates in jails and state prisons, but not persons in federal prisons. State prisons and local jails. Federal prison inmates are not included in the mass incarceration on trial pdf rates. The rate columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The row number column on the left sorts separately. This way the states can be ranked by incarceration rate. Sort the state column to return to alphabetical order. The US incarceration rate peaked in 2008.

The US rate was the highest in the world in 2008. On January 1, 2008 more than 1 in 100 adults in the United States were in prison or jail. Total US incarceration peaked in 2008. In the United States, women make up more than one tenth of the whole prison population. In most countries, the proportion of female inmates to the larger population is closer to one in twenty.

Australia is the exception where the rate of female imprisonment increased from 9. 2 percent in 1991 to 15. United States “imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. Chart below has numbers for people in adult facilities, and for people on probation and on parole. The incarceration numbers in the main part of the chart below are for sentenced and unsentenced inmates in adult facilities in local jails and state prisons, but not for people in federal prisons.

The bottom of the chart has totals and average rates for each column. Federal prison numbers are added at the end of the chart. That is a correctional supervision rate of 2,830 per 100,000 U. That rounds off to 2.

Glaze and Danielle Kaeble, BJS statisticians. Appendix table 1 on page 11 has rates and counts by state. See page 1 “highlights” section for the “1 in ” numbers. See table 1 on page 2 for adult numbers. See table 5 on page 6 for male and female numbers.

See table 2 on page 3 for a timeline of nationwide incarceration rates. 2013 state populations were taken from that. Also, the 2013 national population. The 2013 populations were used to calculate the incarceration rate per 100,000 of all ages.

The information is the latest available in early December 2008. Most figures relate to dates between the beginning of 2006 and the end of November 2008. According to the summary on page one there were 2. Prison Population Rates per 100,000 of the national population.

For more details about the figures of any country, click on the name of that country. Incarcerated In America: Why Are So Many People In US Prisons? Chart showing incarceration rates of 50 most populous countries. Those offenses, such as drug tests, etc. Retrieved May 10, 2014: “The U. 2 million adults is by far the largest in the world.

Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons. New York: The New Press. Click “National Crosstabs” at the top, and then choose the census years. Click “Show table” to get the total number of juvenile inmates for those years. List of the most populous counties by U.

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