Junichiro tanizaki in praise of shadows pdf

Various Japanese and United States publishers junichiro tanizaki in praise of shadows pdf compiled the chapters and published them as a book since 1947. Naomi, to be a Westernized woman.

The clash between older and newer generations over the more progressive depictions of women, such as Naomi, has been viewed as a clash over Japan’s transition into the modern period. The main character, Jōji, is a well-educated Japanese man who is an electrical engineer in the city, and comes from a wealthy landlord family. Jōji wishes to break away from his traditional Japanese culture, and becomes immersed in the strange new Westernized culture which was beginning to form in Japan. The physical representation of everything Western is embodied in a young girl named Naomi.

Western-sounding name, and sophisticated mannerisms. Canadian actress of the silent film era. Jōji moves Naomi into his home and begins his efforts to make her a perfect Western wife. She turns out to be a very willing pupil.

He pays for her English education, and though she has little grammar skills in it, she possesses beautiful pronunciation. He funds her Western activities, including her love of the theatre, dancing and magazines. During the early part of the novel Jōji makes no sexual advances on Naomi, preferring instead to groom her according to his desires and observe her from a distance. However, his plan to foster Western ideals such as independence in her backfires dramatically as she gets older. Jōji begins the novel being the dominator.

However, as time progresses and his obsession takes hold, Naomi’s manipulation puts her in a position of power over him. Slowly Jōji turns power over to Naomi, conceding to everything she desires. He buys a new house for them, and though they are married, Jōji sleeps in a separate bedroom, while Naomi entertains Western visitors in another room. The book ends with Naomi having complete control of Jōji’s life, though he claims he is satisfied as long as his obsession with her is satiated. 28-year-old man from a wealthy landlord family. He wishes to break from tradition, and moves to the city to become more Westernized. He meets Naomi when she was 15, and takes her under his wing to educate her.

He becomes obsessed with the young girl and gives her everything she desires. Later he marries Naomi and becomes dominated by her. Western features including her name. She is uneducated but embodies Western culture. Naomi enjoys Western activities like visiting the theatre or looking at the pictures in Western magazines. Jōji, beginning as a subordinate to becoming a dominatrix.

Fires broke out and destroyed major parts of Tokyo. The earthquake caused extensive damage, and many occupants of Tokyo and other major cities had to relocate. Tanizaki won the Imperial Cultural Prize, the highest honor awarded to artists in Japan, for his various works of literature. Western ideas were first introduced. During this time Japan was transitioning from an unindustrialized nation to an industrialized, economic super-power.