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The area had seen human occupation since at least the last ice age, but a permanent settlement was not established at the site of Fairbanks until the 20th century. The discovery of gold near Barnette’s trading post caused him to turn what had been a temporary stop into a permanent one. The gold caused a stampede of miners to the area, and buildings sprang up around Barnette’s trading post. In November 1903, the area’s residents voted to incorporate the city of Fairbanks. Fairbanks area, but the city gradually recovered as oil prices climbed during the 1990s. Tourism also became an important factor in Fairbanks’ economy, and the growth of the tourism industry and the city continues even as oil production declines.

Monument to the first settlers of Fairbanks. Native camp about 3,500 years old. From evidence gathered at the site, archaeologists surmise that Native activities in the area were limited to seasonal hunting and fishing. Arrowheads excavated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks site matched similar items found in Asia, providing some of the first evidence that humans arrived in North America via the land bridge. Tanana and possibly the Chena River in the middle of the 19th century. Army led the first recorded expedition down the length of the Tanana River, charting the Chena River’s mouth along the way. Thousands of people boarded steamships heading north to the gold fields.

One of these adventurers was E. After turning into the Tanana from the Yukon, the steamboat ran into low water. After venturing upstream several miles, the boat reached an impassable point. Tanana and a way around the low water. The captain of the Young did not want to travel downstream with a heavy load because of the danger posed by the extra mass.