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It has been found from language assessment that the results were lower in terms of reliability compared to other aspects. Therefore, the development of a reliable model on English speaking skill assessment is very important and it will hopefully bring about English language teaching improvement. The objectives of this research were to study the steps and the components of a portfolio on English speaking skill assessment as well as to develop the English speaking skill assessment criteria for grade 6 students. The research methods used include a review of documents and interviews of nine experts on English language teaching and language assessment. The data was analysed using content analysis method. The tasks involved in English speaking skill assessment include interviewing, oral presentation, storytelling, making picture description. Analytic rating scale was applied as scoring criteria on vocabulary, syntax, cohesion, pronunciation ideational function and fluency.

Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the Organizing Committee of WCES 2014. Summer school can have a profound, positive effect on student learning. They see the positive results: students actively engaged in learning both science content and literacy skills. Science can motivate and inspire reluctant readers to engage with texts the way scientists do, providing a purpose and context for reading and writing.

This summer school implementation is inspiring more science-focused summer school programs across the country and we hope this immersion into the role of scientists encourages these students to choose STEM career paths! Let your child choose what they want to read — or have read to them — for 30 minutes each day. Children are much more likely to engage in material that interests them rather than materials forced on them. Use language and reading opportunities throughout the day. Talk often with your child and point out reading materials wherever possible: on menus, magazines and newspapers, signs, brochures, maps, guidebooks, smartphones, tablet computers, etc.