How to split a pdf in adobe pro

PDF, how to split a pdf in adobe pro, MS Word documents, and etc. Split Document” from the main menu. This operation can either combine multiple output documents into a single file based on the common search pattern or output separate documents.

Example: input PDF document of 11 pages has 3 separate invoices, the goal is to split each invoice into a separate file. Each invoice may have more than one page and a number of pages per invoice is not known in advance. This document can be easily split using “Pages where text changes” mode by selecting a location where the invoice number is located. Split PDF files at pages where a specific text pattern is changing.

Blank pages will not be included in the output documents. PDF elements in order to be recognized as blank ones. The stamp annotation on a PDF is intended to be viewed just like an ink stamp on a paper document. 3 different output documents grouping sub-documents based on a stamp.