How to speed up opening pdf files

How to speed up opening pdf files article describes a method of preventing Microsoft Edge from becoming the default application for the PDF files without your permission. Windows 10 fails to upgrade? Here is how to fix it. Windows 10 comes with the new web browser, Edge, that is also set up as the default application for handling several other popular files, such as PDF.

However, in some situations, changing the default application for handling the PDF files does not stick: it may work once or twice, and then Microsoft Edge takes over, reverting the file association of the PDF files to itself. You can try to change the default application once more, but soon Windows “forgets” about your decision and starts opening them with Edge again. If you experience such a problem, the following solution might help. First things first: the following steps involve changing values in Windows Registry. Please be extra careful with it, because if you do something wrong, you can damage your Windows installation and even make your computer disabled. If you are not familiar with the Registry Editor, you may want to ask a more experienced friend or a colleague for help. However, it could be changed in the later versions of Windows.

Take a note of the Data string displayed for the . From now on, Edge should not reinstall itself as the default application. Windows cannot connect to the printer. The Microsoft account service is unavailable right now. How to tell if my Windows is 32- or 64-bit? How do I stop Windows from rearranging my desktop icons? Windows does not offer the NTFS format option?

Here is how to bring it back. Slow network in Windows 7 Virtual PC? What is my IP address? Why can’t I copy large files over 4GB to my USB flash drive or SD card? Can USBCrypt encrypt the C: drive?

Among those, I found your instructions so easy to follow and am very grateful. My pdf’s have now reverted to opening with Adobe and i can archive them and save them to USB or disk as i had intended. With these kind of fixes, I always wonder how someone found it out. I guess only Microsoft employees know this stuff to this level.

That same key gets plastered back in the registry right above the key with the underline added as instructed. Your email address will not be published. See below before pressing the SUBMIT button! Do not put any URLs in the comment, or it will be rejected. Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. We’ll show you a randomly picked freeware that is popular and received favorable ratings. Sumatra PDF is a barebone PDF and comic book viewer that enables you to view PDF files without the need to have Adobe Reader installed. It offers basic viewing functionality without any additional bells and whistles. The program is small and starts up very fast, it is portable and can be used from a USB drive. Sumatra PDF not only quickly reads pdf’s, it reads epub, mobi, djvu and probably more.

Unique in the PC world on a windows computer. It not only reads all these well, it remembers where you left off so you can return to reading at the right place. Noble or an Amazon reader. Posted Jan 11, 2016 for v3. This must be the cleanest looking PDF reader around. The latest version has added tab support, but the tab bar is superimposed on the titlebar, which frees up some vertical space.

The conventional menu bar has been replaced by a button at the top left corner which brings up a cascading main menu. Opening a help file in Sumatra makes it much easier to read, because you can zoom it to a comfortable reading size. Also, the indexes in most of those help files will show up in the left-hand sidebar as bookmarks once you enable them. I’ve tried several other PDF readers.

All of them surpass the bloated reader from Adobe. STDU Viewer, which I’ve reviewed here as well, is good, but I’ve just discovered that its rendering of PDFs is inferior to that of Sumatra, especially in music scores. Curved lines appear jagged in STDU but are much smoother in Sumatra. In addition, STDU sometimes misaligns notes on the staff, which makes the score hard to read.

Posted May 23, 2015 for v3. When I want to view a PDF I’d like the viewer to display pages properly. Some of the free PDF viewers have some problems doing this. For example, if there are a mix of horizontal and vertical pages some viewers display the horizontal page with part of the next page which is vertical. Sometimes full page view is not possible.