How to change default pdf viewer mac

PDF viewer in Mac OS X, which is annoying because Acrobat is how to change default pdf viewer mac to load and a fairly bloated application. Given that Preview comes bundled with Mac OS X, is extremely fast, and quite efficient at viewing not only PDF’s but tons of other file types, there’s little need to use Acrobat Reader as a way to view PDF files. Accordingly, we’re to demonstrate how to change the default PDF viewer back to Preview on the Mac.

This works in all versions of Mac OS X to change the default app to open PDF files. Preview app as the default PDF viewer in OS X and prevent the lengthy launch of Acrobat anytime a PDF is opened. PDF file sitting around on your Mac. The speedy Preview app will now be the default app to open the PDF document. Of course, this tip will be of less use if you need the full functioned Adobe Acrobat version on your Mac and use that for it’s powerful PDF editing capabilities. With that said, for the average person just looking to quickly open pdf docs this can be a significant time saver as it reduces application launch time, and potentially allows for less software to be installed on the Mac.

Preview, and then even go so far as to remove Acrobat Reader if desired. Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Permanent Link: Open, View, and Read DICOM . Open, View, and Read DICOM .

You beat me to it, but I definitely agree. I’ve never had Apple’s method stay put. But RCD has never let me down. Beware: If you annotate PDF’s, you don’t WANT Preview to be the default PDF handler. The version of Preview in Snow Leopard subtly corrupts annotated files, although they still look good on the screen.

Something is changed in the encoding, and after you save the annotated version, you won’t be able to search within the PDF or copy text from it. I don’t know about Lion: I haven’t upgraded yet because it has the Auto Save feature. I don’t want to risk opening a PDF on a removable device and accidentally doing anything that might change it. Lion would save a corrupt version and lose the original.

I knew it must be easy to change default program in mac osx but never found it. Charles OSX Lion does autosave but you can always go back to older version and Lock the file. Just what I was looking for! Thanks, I used this to change the setting in the other direction. After Apple updates, the setting is set back to preview. Preview has a hard time with my PDF files. They look fine on the screen, but get scaled different when sent to the printer, resulting in getting only the center of the document.

Adobe is crap, but preview is worse. That was driving me nuts. I couldn’t even print the way I wanted. The real tip is, can Adobe just make Acrobat a lot less bloated! I was going crazy every time Adobe opened! This did not work for me. I found my solution to quit Adobe and then find it in applications, then move it to trashcan, then empty trash.