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VIVOTEK IB8369 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View how to assemble jpegs into a pdf windows Download Vivotek IB8369 user manual online.

IB8369 Security Camera pdf manual download. 14 Using RTSP Players . 17 Using 3GPP-compatible Mobile Devices . 18 Using VIVOTEK Recording Software 19 Main Page . VIVOTEK IB8369 is a best-in-class, bullet-style network camera designed for diverse outdoor applications. Equipped with a 2MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1920×1080 at a smooth 30 fps, the IB8369 is an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video up to 2 Megapixel. Open the camera’s rear cover.

Loosen the hex socket screws on the sides of the bracket. Pass a CAT5e cable through the rubber seal inside as shown below. Connect the RJ45 connector in the camera chassis, and then secure the rear cover. Drill holes on the wall for securing the bracket and passing the Ethernet cable. Secure the bracket to a wall or ceiling using the included screws and anchors. Adjust the shooting angle to a preferred position by turning the moving parts of the bracket. Depending on the condition of your installation site, adjust the position of the sun shield.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you want to open the camera canister, loosen the waterproof cable gland before you loosen the rear cover. Otherwise, you can damage the cables attached to the inside of the camera. VIVOTEK Hardware Reset Reset Button The reset button is used to reset the system or restore the factory default settings. Sometimes resetting the system can return the camera to normal operation. If the system problems remain after reset, restore the factory settings and install again.

When using a PoE-enabled switch The Network Camera is PoE-compliant, allowing transmission of power and data via a sin- gle Ethernet cable. Follow the below illustration to connect the Network Camera to a PoE- enabled switch via Ethernet cable. VIVOTEK Internet connection via a router Before setting up the Network Camera over the Internet, make sure you have a router and follow the steps below. Connect your Network Camera behind a router, the Internet environment is illustrated below.

VIVOTEK also provides the automatic port forwarding feature as an NAT traversal function with the precondition that your router must support the UPnP port forwarding feature. After your network environment is analyzed, please click Next to continue the program. The program will search for all VIVOTEK network devices on the same LAN. After a brief search, the installer window will prompt.

Click on the MAC and model name that matches the one printed on the product label. VIVOTEK Ready to Use 1. A browser session with the Network Camera should prompt as shown below. You should be able to see live video from your camera. You may also install the 32-channel recording software from the software CD in a deployment consisting of multiple cameras.