How to add image to pdf macbook

Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not how to add image to pdf macbook robot. 17-INCH, LATE 2008 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. 17-inch, Late 2008 user manual online.

17-inch, Late 2008 Laptop pdf manual download. 17-inch, Late 2008 on manualslib. Mac Help isight Time Machine Finder Automatically back Browse the contents up your files to an of your computer external hard drive. Collect all your video in Organize all your photos one library. Publish to a share movies in minutes. Web Gallery with a click.

Ready, Set Up, Go www. Many answers to questions can be found on your computer in Mac Help. Apple may release new versions and updates to its system software, so the images shown in this book may be slightly different from what you see onscreen. Make sure the AC plug is fully inserted into the power adapter and the electrical prongs on your AC plug are in their completely extended position. If you already have a Mac, Setup Assistant can help you automatically transfer files, applications, and other information from your previous Mac. Step 5: Customize the Mac OS X desktop and set preferences. Sleep from the menu bar.

Sleep in the dialog that appears. System Preferences, click Energy Saver, and set a sleep timer. The sleep indicator light goes on briefly during the shutdown process. Shut Down from the menu bar.

Shut Down in the dialog that appears. Trackpad and trackpad button Move the pointer with one finger on the trackpad, scroll with two fingers, or page through documents with three fingers. Tap the trackpad to click or double-click. Spread or pinch two fingers to zoom in or out. Connect high-speed external devices, such as digital video cameras and storage devices. Mouse, and then click Trackpad.