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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Grand opening of the first Dada exhibition: International Dada Fair, Berlin, 5 June 1920. The central figure hanging from the ceiling was an effigy of a German officer with a pig’s head. 1920 Dada flourished in Paris. Others note that it suggests the first words of a child, evoking a childishness and absurdity that appealed to the group. The roots of Dada lie in pre-war avant-garde.

1913 to characterize works which challenge accepted definitions of art. Dada’s rejection of the tight correlation between words and meaning. J’ai vu et c’est de toi qu’il s’agit, De Zayas! Dada was an informal international movement, with participants in Europe and North America. The beginnings of Dada correspond to the outbreak of World War I.

Dadaists believed were the root cause of the war, and against the cultural and intellectual conformity—in art and more broadly in society—that corresponded to the war. Avant-garde circles outside France knew of pre-war Parisian developments. Dada subsequently combined these approaches. Dadaist art was intended as a protest “against this world of mutual destruction. Dada represented the opposite of everything which art stood for. If art was to appeal to sensibilities, Dada was intended to offend.