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Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this page. March 1981 of a Pakistan International Airlines plane from Karachi to Kabul. Afghanistan to “do more” in the fight against terrorism. Sri Lankan Tamil group, LTTE, during the 1970s when it was not considered a terrorist organization by any hillary clinton is a criminal site edu pdf but it later withdrew its support in the 1980s, when the activities of LTTE became serious, becoming the first country to ban LTTE as a terrorist organization.

Although the Indian Government banned the group, the LTTE continued to operate freely and continued to have links with RAW until the defeat of the LTTE in 2009. Sri Lankan Tamil insurgent groups including the LTTE. 90 women who were trained in 10 batches. Prabakaran visited the first and the second batch of Tamil Tigers to see them training. Eight other batches of LTTE were trained in Tamil Nadu. A diplomatic cable sent on December 31, 2009, from the U. An earlier 2008 cable, discussing the Mumbai attacks reported fears by British officials that “intense domestic pressure would force Delhi to respond, at the minimum, by ramping up covert support to nationalist terrorists fighting the Pakistani army in Baluchistan.

Iranian government of being the “world’s primary state sponsor of terror. Iraqi Sunni militias and civilians, and Anglo-American-supported Iraqi government forces. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. Israel in killing Iranian nuclear scientists. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

2008, Pakistan was the worlds ‘most active’ state sponsor of terrorism including aiding groups which were considered a direct threat to the United States. 3,000 militants from various nationalities. Many of the terrorist organisations are banned by the UN, but continue to operate under different names. Pakistani journalist, has accused Pakistan’s ISI of providing help to the Taliban. Qaeda members, Pakistan “still sponsored terrorist groups in the disputed state of Kashmir, funding, training and arming them in their war on attrition against India.

Pakistani army, the country’s ISI intelligence establishment and other armed bodies of the state. Pakistan is probably today’s most active sponsor of terrorism. July 7, 2008, a charge that the governments of India and Afghanistan had laid previously. Pakistan have used it as a launch platform to attack targets in Afghanistan, urged western military allies to target extremist hideouts in neighbouring Pakistan. Pakistan was also responsible for the evacuation of about 5,000 of the top leadership of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda who were encircled by Nato forces in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.