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Stine with some of his creations. Stine characterizes the series as “scary books that are also funny”. Stine says he does not have any death in his stories, and the children in his novels are never put into situations that would be considered too serious. Books and characters in the series were inspired by books and films. Stine also uses his childhood fears to help him write his books.

The author said, “Luckily, I have a great memory. As I write a story, I can remember what it feels like to be afraid and panicky”. Stine states that he often thinks of a title to a novel first, then lets the title lead him to a story. Stine does not attempt to incorporate moral lessons into his novels, and says his books are “strictly reading motivation”. In the story the protagonists are at least young children while the antagonists are almost always monsters or human. There are a few recurring characters who appear throughout the series.

He served as the main antaognist of the famous saga Night of the Living Dummy. The Haunted Mask is from the book of the same name and has appear in later books. The Monster Blood is a slime creature with the ability to grow and devour anything it sees. There is a blue version of the Monster Blood that duplicates it.

The Horrors are the monsters of the amusement park Horrorland. First appearing in the book One Day at horror the horrors appears in the sequel Return to Horrorland and the Horrorland series as the main focus. The Menace is the main villain of the first 12 books of the horrland series. The magician who appeared in the book bad Hair day and later in Return to Horrorland. The Lord High Excutioner is the main villain of A Night of Terror Tower and the secondary villain of Return to Terror Tower. Wood was Slappy’s brother and the main villain of the original Night of the Living Dummy book.

He also appears in Slappy’s evil twin from the Slappyworld series. Snappy, as stated in the goosebumps wiki. Captain Long Ben One Leg is the main villain of Creeps from the Deep book and a recurring villain in the Horrorland books. Jonathan Chiller is the main antagonist of the Horrorland books 13-19 The Chiller House Arc and works at Horroland as the shop keeper of the Chiller House. Maniac is a supervillain that came from a comic come to life in the Horroland series and appeared in the most wanted book Dr. Maniac Will see you Now.

The Lawn Gnomes are the main antagonists of Attack of the Lawn Gnomes and Planet of the Lawn Gnomes. Maargh is the main villain of Creature Teacher and Creature Teacher the Final Exam. Body Squeezers are aliens that appears as the main villain of the two part book Invasion of the Body Squeezers and appeard in the spin-off book Revenge of the Body Squeezers. We Have Strange superpowers and appears in the book The Streets of Panic Park. Madam Doom is a recurring villain in the Horrorland books and the fortune teller of its booth.

Carly Beth Caldwell is the main character of the Haunted Mask series and the most recurring protagonist as well as appearing in the Horrorland series. BIlly Deep is the protagonist of the Deep Trouble series and a returning character in the Horrorland series. Evan Ross is the protagonist of the first four Monster Blood books and appears in the book Return to Horrorland. Lizzy Morris is the protagonist of most of the Horrorland Books.

Gabe Sabry is the protagonist of The Curse of the Mummy tomb and its sequel Return of the Mummy. Sue Morgan is the main protagonist of A Night in Terror Tower and major protagonist in the sequel Return to Terror Tower. Joan Waricha, persuaded him to write scary books for younger children. It’s goosebumps week on Channel 11″. The series was originally aimed at girls, but both boys and girls enjoyed the series equally with half of Stine’s fan mail being sent from boys.