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Friday Night Lights novel cover. It was later adapted for television and film. It was while friday night lights pdf free was at Harvard that the idea to write a book focused upon the role high school football plays within American society, in particular rural society, took hold. He settled on Odessa, Texas.

Permian High School and its football team, the Permian Panthers, had a substantial, rich history of winning in Texas’ 4A and 5A division, having won championships in 1965, 1972, 1980, and 1984. Bissinger moved his family to Odessa and spent the entire 1988 football season with the Permian Panther players, their families, their coaches, and even many of the townspeople in an effort to understand the town and its football-mad culture. Star fullback for Permian heading into the 1988 season. The previous season he had rushed for 1,385 yards and showed flashes of brilliance. This season would be the season for him to shine and lead the team to a Texas state championship. He is portrayed by Bissinger as a boy who is mostly level-headed, but prone to nerves.

His play is unspectacular but effective. He feels a lot of pressure from the town and peers alike. He is mostly seen as an example of the good in Odessa, a diamond among rocks. A punishing hitter with excellent reflexes and athleticism, Christian is a religious person. He struggles to enjoy playing football, realizing that there should be more to life and spends much of his time in thought.

His father is a local legend for being a star player for Permian in the late 1960s, though Don is known more for his off the field activities, which at the time included drinking, fighting, and womanizing. Permian and, at 5’9″, knows he is too small to play at the college level, so practices several times a day to bring himself to an advantage. A bright football mind who constantly deals with the pressures from the fans, the booster club, and the lofty expectations of being head coach for Permian. Charles Mills, a player with more heart than any other team member. He has been known to have played every single snap of a varsity game, motivating his teammates to victory. The book ends with Coach erasing names of the seniors from his board and replacing them with names of the juniors who will replace them next season.

1989 Texas state football champions. The game is played on October 28, 1988. Former star, Boobie knows his performance against Midland Lee will be important for his future. He hasn’t played well since August when he injured his knee in a preseason scrimmage, but the coaches never put Boobie in the game.