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Should Photographers Watch Their Language? Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this page. The Jesuit order served the Pope as missionaries, and they were bound by a vow of special obedience to the sovereign pontiff in regard to the missions. Ignatius is remembered as a talented spiritual director. Saint on 12 March 1622.

His feast day is celebrated on 31 July. Ignatius is also a foremost patron saint of soldiers. Basque name which perhaps means “My little one”. It is not clear when he began using the Latin name “Ignatius” instead of his baptismal name “Íñigo”. It seems he did not intend to change his name, but rather adopted a name which he believed was a simple variant of his own, for use in France and Italy where it was better understood. His mother died soon after his birth, and he was then brought up by María de Garín, the local blacksmith’s wife.

Loyola” in reference to the Basque village of Loyola where he was born. As a young man Íñigo had a great love for military exercises as well as a tremendous desire for fame. According to another he was “a fancy dresser, an expert dancer, a womanizer, sensitive to insult, and a rough punkish swordsman who used his privileged status to escape prosecution for violent crimes committed with his priest brother at carnival time. Jesus, he challenged him to a duel to the death, and ran him through with his sword. He dueled many other men as well. His diplomacy and leadership qualities earned him the title “servant of the court”, which made him very useful to the Duke.