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Single Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy cover. The single everything michael buble piano sheet music free pdf one of Bowie’s best selling in his career, with total estimated sales over 400,000 in the UK alone. He does that a lot.

You go back that far! Bowie’s appearance has been described as a “surreal” event, undertaken at a time when he was “actively trying to normalise his career”. He later admitted to having only appeared on the show because “I just knew my mother liked him”. Crosby knew who Bowie was, but Ian Fraser claimed, “I’m pretty sure he did. If he didn’t, his kids sure did. According to co-writer Ian Fraser, Bowie balked at singing “Little Drummer Boy”: “I hate this song. Is there something else I could sing?

Fraser recalls Bowie telling him. Peace on Earth” as a counterpoint to “Little Drummer Boy”. Crosby performed “Little Drummer Boy”, while Bowie sang the new tune “Peace on Earth”, which they reportedly performed after less than an hour of rehearsal. A few days after the taping, Crosby said of Bowie, “clean-cut kid and a real fine asset to the show.