Difference between hiv and aids pdf

Please forward this error screen to 69. 2 million annual deaths due to AIDS. According to the UNAIDS 2009 report, difference between hiv and aids pdf 60 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV, resulting in approximately 25 million deaths and 14 million orphaned children in southern Africa alone since the epidemic began decades ago. HIV infection and the development of AIDS.

Below is a list and explanations of some common misconceptions and their rebuttals. The distribution of AIDS cases casts doubt on HIV as the cause. HIV infection plus co-infection with an AIDS-defining opportunistic infection. Disease-specific drugs can also alleviate symptoms of AIDS and even cure specific AIDS-defining conditions in some cases. Medical treatment can reduce HIV infection in many cases to a survivable chronic condition. However, these advances do not constitute a cure, since current treatment regimens cannot eradicate latent HIV from the body. HIV infection when administered within 72 hours of exposure to HIV.

These problems mean that while HIV-positive people with low viremia are less likely to infect others, the chance of transmission always exists. In addition, people on HAART may still become sick. The myth that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV, potentially further spreading the disease. AIDS or cure it if infected. As with “virgin cure” beliefs, there is no scientific evidence suggesting a sexual act can actually cure AIDS, and no plausible mechanism by which it could do so has ever been proposed.