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There are many industries in which universal design is having strong market penetration but there are many others in which it has not yet been adopted to design for everyday things pdf great extent. Universal design is also being applied to the design of technology, instruction, services, and other products and environments. Curb cuts or sidewalk ramps, essential for people in wheelchairs but also used by all, are a common example.

Wellness bridges human performance and social participation. The last three goals addresses social participation outcomes. The definition and the goals are expanded upon in the textbook “Universal Design: Creating Inclusive Environments. In 1960, specifications for barrier free design were published. It was a compendium of over 11 years of disability ergonomic research. In 1961, the specifications became the first Barrier Free Design standard called the American National Standard, A1171. It was the first standard to present the criteria for designing facilities and programs for the use of disabled individuals.