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Republican and Democrats, who are working to forge bipartisan cooperation on key issues. On July 31, 2017, the Caucus released an ambitious health care fix, the first and only bipartisan health reform offered in days of the week labels pdf current Congress. Two proposals from these booklets—No Budget, No Pay and Healthcare for Heroes—have been turned into law. Organizing hundreds of thousands of citizens behind the No Labels movements, with citizen leaders in every state in the country.

No Labels is a movement that includes citizens, current and former members of Congress, state and local officials, and business, union, nonprofit and student leaders from across the political spectrum who advocate a new politics of problem solving. The group’s core mission is to organize leaders and citizens across America who want elected officials in Washington to give up their all-or-nothing partisan approach to politics and focus on solving the nation’s most pressing challenges. More than 1,000 people representing all 50 states gathered at the launch conference. The event included speakers and panelists of elected officials, journalists, and business leaders. The goal of the plan was to break congressional gridlock by implementing reforms to the legislative process. In 2012, No Labels also made a number of efforts to compel Congress to complete the budget process, including calling on Congress to work during the summer recess and encouraging business leaders to withhold campaign contributions until the gridlock over the budget had ceased. In January 2012, No Labels called for Congress to have bipartisan seating at the State of The Union.

No Labels kept track of data on the members of Congress who agreed on their websites to sit in a bipartisan fashion. By the time of the address, 208 members agreed to sit with a member of the opposite party. Both the House and Senate bills were entitled the No Budget, No Pay Act. No Labels then proceeded to run a campaign in favor of the legislation.